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Social Media November 2, 2016

The Mystery of Large Font FB Status Updates has been solved!

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Recently some giant font-size status updates have been doing rounds in certain Facebook Profiles. Don’t worry, its not any special privilege but instead it’s a new update! Facebook has increased the font size of status updates that are less than 35 characters. These updates are in 24-point size, while normal status updates are displayed at 14 point size. Although, if you use a picture or a link, the font size will be normal irrespective of your character count. Even though this update is still in its nascent stages and has its lapses here & there, but the strategy is a certain hit as these giant fonts certainly stand out. It can be a plan to revive original content creation by personal profile, which has seen a decline since Facebook started promoting content.

WhiteSparrow India believes this move will encourage several original content creators as their words will stand out from the crowd!


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