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Social Media September 14, 2016

Say more with twitter!

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Writen by nitin.jha

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A news that will definitely cheer up our twitterati! Now your valuable characters will be saved with the following not being considered in the characters:

Media attachments
Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself
No more .@

​What does this mean?

More space for your text in tweet.
Now, keep replying in the same thread and retain your 140 characters.
Want to add more to a previous tweet? Simply ReTweet your original tweet and add to the content as Quote!
Now, tweets beginning with mentions will also be broadcasted to your followers, so you no longer have to begin your tweet with a period.

Now, tweets are of two types:
Classic Tweet: One that only has content.
Extended Tweet: One that has content paired with hidden entities, links, images, etc.

Although the 140 character restriction stays, these slights amends help open up space for more letters, hence more views, and more content!

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