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Social Media June 16, 2016

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn to target Businesses

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Writen by nitin.jha

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​After fumbling into the consumer market with Nokia acquisition and mobile inclusion, Microsoft is going back to it’s tried and tested strategy. In the 90s, Microsoft was the path breaker in innovating and selling professional software suites. Soon-after, the Mobile and App era gave birth to many competitor industries where this software giant tried to explore but failed (Bing, Microsoft phones, Outlook, etc). In a move to re-establish itself ​as a professional service provider, Microsoft yesterday acquired LinkedIn in it’s biggest deal for 26 billion USD. While LinkedIn’s stock tumbled, Microsoft has been re-inventing it’s software packages to suit evolving businesses.

We at WhiteSparrow feel this is a match made in heaven as now Microsoft can cater to the audience it was designed to cater to, i.e. Large businesses & corporations.

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