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Social Media October 22, 2016

Instagram has a one up over Snapchat with Explore Stories section!

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Writen by nitin.jha

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With its most recent update, Instagram has added Stories to show up in the Explore Tab, which allows you to check out content that is in line with your recent likes & follows. Before this update, only Stories uploaded by the profiles you followed were visible, that too on the home page.
According to Instagram’s official blog post, there are over a hundred million users who visit the Explore section everyday to discover new & fresh content uploaded by people they’re not yet following. An additional part of this tab will show suggested Stories from all over the world, based on your interests, just like how the complete section works.

With Instagram Stories, users can publish pictures and videos to their profile which would automatically be deleted after 24 hours. With this, users can upload casual posts & create memorable stories.


here is also an option of saving the images or posting them directly to Instagram profile.

​WhiteSparrow believes this is an outstanding amendment as now Stories are becoming an essential part of Instagram​. With this inclusion, Instagram might just have one up on rival Snapchat.

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