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Social Media August 10, 2016

Facebook Update | Business Page Layout Redesigned

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Irrespective of if you own a Facebook page or not, you must have noticed the recent edits in the lay-outing of Business pages.

In addition to utilizing more screen space, the pages now seem ‘cleaner’ with all information spread up! No more cramming up of CTA button, Like Button and other features on the top, which have now been moved just beneath the cover picture and hence attract more attention.
The profile picture seems smaller but more prominent with its own place in the top left corner and thankfully, it no longer hides any part of the cover picture.
All the statistics, information, and links to the applications have now been moved to the right, with the horizontal tabs taking their place in a vertical fashion.
Your Cover Picture now gets the recognition it deserves! Along with being the first thing a viewer notices, it is now no longer underneath the profile picture and the buttons.

We believe this Facebook update is definitely one of the best in terms of user Interface and experience.

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