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Social Media November 20, 2015

Data-Usage-Friendly Alternative by Facebook: Slideshow Ads

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Emerging Markets are leading in responding to Video Ads on Facebook (Nigeria 45%, Kenya 37%, Saudi Arabia 35%). However, these markets ​mostly access Facebook via 2G connections making the act of buffering highly time consuming and a leading cause of hopping off the ads. 
To keep their largest markets hooked, Facebook recently launched Slideshow Ads: A combination of 5-7 pictures that will load and play as a slideshow as shown below:
Slideshow lets brands quickly create videos from a series of still images. These are about five times lighter than an ordinary video of the same length. This means that these don’t consume too much data. 
Tips to make an impacting Slideshow Ad: 
  • Write an Great CTA Copy on the first picture.
  • Highlight the problem initially.
  • Throughout the slideshow, showcase how you can solve the problem.
  • Give a Sneak Peak of previous work done.
  • Form a great story board connecting the pictures. 
  • Innovate from the Design Angle. 
  • End with contact details. 

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