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Graphics May 11, 2016

Role of feathering in Photoshop

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Feathering is a term that refers to “soft edges” in Photoshop. It helps blend the images by creating a soft edge exactly around the respective selection. It further helps in highlighting an object along with helping to adjust the harsh edges when it comes to web graphics. By blurring the edges of any section, with the help of the Inverse option, feathering further helps you to copy and paste the selection to any other image or document for ensuring more impact. When doing so, the remaining unselected part generally fades away while keeping the focus on your selection.

While adding images, there are certain sharp edges that needs to softened. Thanks to Photoshop for introducing feathering, a perfect tool that can be instrumental perfectly for highlighting any image. When it comes to web graphics, feathering becomes more significant since it helps you to highlight any particular aspect of a picture while helping you adjust its harsh edges.

Have you feathered anything yet? Share your views on the importance of this aspect in the comments!

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