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Graphics November 11, 2015

History of Fonts | Times New Roman

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Writen by nitin.jha

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All the 90s internet fans have a strange affinity towards this particular font. While Comic Sans became loved for being fun & cool, Times New Roman advocated Professionalism and Seriousness.
TNR gets its name from the Times of Lon­don, the British newspaper in which it was invented by typographer, Stan­ley Mori­son.
You’ll notice Times New Roman is a bit narrower than most text fonts. That’s because a narrower font is better for newspapers, as it can fit more text per line.  To achieve efficiency, Morison raised what is called the “x-height” of the letters i.e. the distance between the top & bottom of a lower-case alphabet like a, c, or m.
Times New Roman was finally released in 1932. Although the font is now popularly used for books, the Times always maintained that it wasn’t appropriate for the same.
There have been mixed views about this particular font. From ancient to serious to boring, this font has heard and seen it all!
What are your views on this typeface? Share in the comment below! 

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