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Graphics February 12, 2019

CMYK and RBG made simple

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Writen by nitin.jha

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CMYK and RBG are two different ways through which designers create colors. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, while RBG stands for Red, Green, and Blue. Most screens including cameras, televisions, and laptop/computer screens display colors in RBG. However, when you print these designs out, CMYK is the color scheme that printers use to transfer it onto the paper.

Usually, it is impossible to duplicate color from CMYK to RBG or vice versa. However, there is software available today that gives the closest approximation. A surprising thing about CMYK is that extremely bright colors can’t be replicated the same way they are displayed on the screen. They can be printed, but require more time and effort.

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