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General January 27, 2016

What makes a great Infographic?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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In the modern era, more and more books are being converted into movies for one simple reason; it is easier to watch a two hour movie than to read a five hundred page novel. Similarly, social media is evolving into a phase where ‘keeping it simple’ is preferred and what better way than to visually present your idea. According to Wikipedia, an infographic or information graphic is a visual representation of data, knowledge or information intended to present information quickly and clearly. Infographics are being preferred over regular content mainly because of its ability to detail the idea without making the user go through hundreds of words. Moreover, the retaining rate for visuals is 80% while it is the 20% that stays when we read. The love for Infographics is on the rise and according to a recent research; they have proven to increase website traffic by over 12%. Let us take a look at what goes into making the perfect Infographic.

Research, Analyze, Plan.
Anything which isn’t well researched isn’t worth the work put in. To create well elaborated Infographics it is very important to conduct a well-planned and expansive research. This includes the target audience, the targeted market and the medium of communication. While you are here to solve a problem that audience faces, it is also very important to make an analysis of the sources which are supplying the information. Hence, plan your strategies accordingly and make sure that reputed sources are being used to manufacture the information.

Make it shine.
Presentation is yet another very important aspect, which can either make or break your theme. It is necessary to design your infographic based on certain guidelines and prepare a plan of action which stands out of the crowd. Let go of the boring old designs and add some twist to your infographic. While charts and graphs help give the statistics, adding graphical content or a witty comic can make all the difference. A simple yet unique design is what the audience expects and it is highly advised to keep a check on the colors which go into the making.

Creative content
Although Infographics do pay a lot of attention to the visual representation of data, a powerful copy to go by the data is equally important and is required to catch the eye. Strong headlines and witty content can make your infographic a whole lot better. Concise content should be used to support the information provided and to grab attention of the readers.

Proofreading is important
Since the content of an infographic is already kept short and simple, a lot of people make the mistake of skipping the proofreading and editing step. It is important to realize that the shorter and simpler, the better. There is always a scope for improvement and in an infographic there is always a possibility of reducing word usage. Make sure that you have explained your point in the least amount of words with full justice being done to the graphics.

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