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General January 7, 2015

Things which are not expected to change in India during 2015

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Writen by nitin.jha

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The chirpy is here to talk about the things that are bound not to change in the coming year as well. India’s corruption, one of matter that is on every tea table meeting is going to stay so sip in your tea and continue to do the same in coming year as well.

Salman might be out of the Big Boss hosting, but hey, are you thinking he is getting married? Oh well of course not. He’s just gone for the shooting. The bachelorhood is here to stay so all the Salman girl fans, your hopes are still on.

The Peshawar killings might be something that totally shattered Pakistan. But the very other day the same country freed one of the terrorist. Ok hang on, what was that? This is the real picture of Pakistan they will never stay on their words, so the double standards will prevail.

E – Shopping is something that is a rage among all young and the old. Shopping online will be loved in the coming time as well. People are glued to their computer screens to see all the discounts being offered by various shopping stores. Come on go and get a life, world is not coming to an end, that you are all into e-shopping.

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