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Blog May 13, 2014

What’s Hot in SEO – 2014 

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Technology and time goes hand in hand, with change in time, technology also gets changed, so there is a need to keep ourselves updated with the latest changes occurring in our dimension.

Search Engine Optimization is a fast moving and continually evolving important tool to make your website online presence but its trend and technicality also gets changed with time.

With the onset of 2014, SEO is not the same as it was used to in the previous years. Google Updates, Content Importance, Blogging Strategy are some of the factors which changed the pattern of SEO.

Google in last update stated that it will be no longer a Search engine rather it is an Information engine and its main focus is to provide more and more information for users browsing on this search engine giant. Websites providing information with better content,  rank higher in SERPS (Search Engine Rank Pages).

Now let’s cover – what’s going on in 2014 in the world of SEO? What to do for better ranking of our site in search engine? It’s very important to know the answers to these questions.

We will be elaborating some points here to help you know what’s hot in the field of SEO in 2014:

1 Keyword Research: Keyword research is the most important and can be considered as the first step in doing SEO. It remains the same as it was in the past. There are many keyword research online tools which suggest what should be the relevant keywords for particular page. Some keyword tools are

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMRush
  • Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool
  • Wordtracker Keyword Tool

2 On Page : It is very Important factor in SEO, it will not wrong to say that On page SEO is the base to the building of SEO or it is the back bone of SEO. Today, there is not such any change arrived in On Page SEO in 2014 but what to focus in On Page is important to know:

  • Optimization of URL’s : Should be 100 characters in length
  • Title tag : Should be 60-65 characters in length
  • Heading Tag: Should indicate nature of the content & only 1 H1 tag on one page
  • Alt Tag in Images : For better Google Image search
  • Content: Content should target topic rather than Keywords

3 Blog:  Yet another important factor in 2014’s SEO is Blog. It used to be the important factor in the past but now its importance has increased and it has become mandatory to have a Blog on a site for better ranking in Search engine this is because Google prefer only those sites which continuously update their content on regular basis.

Latest SEO trends

4 Content Strategy: Content Strategy should be in Content/ HTML ratio. There should be at least more than 20% and less than 70% content in comparison to HTML on a particular page. This is because, if the page is having less than 20% content on it, risk of being declared spam count by the Google increases. Continuous updating the content will boost the ranking in search engine.

5 Link Building: This is rather the first major off page SEO factor which Google and other Search Engine prefers. For site ranking, it is important to have quality back links rather than large number of back links with low quality. Quality of a back link is determined by its Page rank, Domain authority and Page authority, you can check all these factors in SEO MOZ Tool bar. Some other factors that should also be kept in mind while linking with other sites are:

  • Do-Follow : Those which share link juice or link equity
  • No-Follow  : Do not allow others to take advantage of their link

6 Mobile SEO: With better mobile handsets, affordable data plans, user and mobile friendly sites in 2014, there is sudden rise in Mobile Web Traffic. Today, everyone loves to surf internet or search engine more from their mobiles rather than on computer or laptop. With this change, search engine especially Google has also changed for more users. It will prefer only those sites which exactly match with results to their queries. So, it’s the time to plan SEO for your website for mobile users too to stay on top.

7 Google Authorship: Social Media Optimization is equally important for a site along with SEO. Google Authorship is that element which connects your website content with Google plus profile. You can simply do this by specifying your website link in your Google plus profile. In a recent Google Webmaster Video on May 5th, Matt Cutts stated the role of Google Authorship, which will be having a very large role in Google algorithm in the coming years.

In short, we explained the recent trend of SEO and what  we have experienced in SEO this year. If you have any suggestions, ideas and thoughts, please do share with us in our Comments section.

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