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Blog August 14, 2015

Things to consider while choosing your Advertising Agency

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Anybody who wants to sell its product or its service must be aware of the marketing mix of 4Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion. One of the most essential elements of marketing is Promotion. In order to make your product popular and known in the eyes of consumer it’s very important to promote your product efficiently. In regards to promotion, it’s paramount to choose an effective advertising agency which has both the expertise as well as experience. If you are looking for something on the same lines then the following criterion would help you find the right advertising agency.

1. Years of experience: While selecting an advertising agency, it is advisable to look into the number of years they have been in the industry. Not only does experience teach new things but also helps in recognizing what the client is actually looking for, this helps in saving both time and money.

2. Where is it located: World is now a global village and distance is no more a hurdle, however if given a choice, it is always better to look for an advertising agency which is located locally so that it is easy to establish an effective communication.

3. Clientele: In order to establish confidence at the first phase, it’s wise to inquire about the advertising agencies current and past clientele. You will also be able to find out the kind of services they offer by looking into their past performances.

4. Past performance: As mentioned above, looking into the advertising agencies‘ past performance gives you a rough idea about the way they work and the end result which is delivered, accordingly you can also bid for price and set a cost structure.

5. Attitude & Approach: The initially stages of communication and inquiry will provide you a rough idea about the ad agencies‘ attitude. Since it’s a creative field, therefore it is very important for the ad agency to be flexible and keep a positive attitude.

6. Techniques and skills: Try and look into their expertise and the services which they have rendered before. How successful an ad agency has been in the past does not always mean they would be able to do justice for you as well. Try and find out the skills they have and their forte and see whether it would match to your requirements.

7. Cost: Cost and pricing forms a very important part of any marketing or promotional activities. Make sure you take into consideration the total expenditure involved as well as arrangements for dispersal of expenses. It’s better to discuss in advance how both the parties would like the payment to be, either fixed cost on an annual basis or a monthly payment on a flexible tenure.

8. Applauds and recognition : If you are looking to play safe then it’s wise to hire an advertising agency which is already recognized and is known to be delivering good services,  however if you are ready to experiment then sometimes small fish and new players also deliver quality results. They might not have medals to display but may prove their expertise.

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