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Blog June 22, 2016

Redesigning the logo: The good and the bad

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Recently, Instagram took the initiative of redesigning their logo and everyone went berserk! While some appreciated the initiative of introducing a digitally enhanced logo, others were of the opinion that Instagram should have stuck to its retro version. This isn’t the first time a brand has redesigned the logo and this wouldn’t be the last. A logo is the visual establishment of a brand in a customer’s mind. While it is relatively easier getting a brand logo the first time around, is it really worth all the trouble? Should one rebrand their visual identity? Let’s weigh in the pros and cons and decide for ourselves.

The Good:
Redesigning the logo means upgrading your brand’s visual appearance. So when one revamps their visual identity, it is focused on making it more appealing. This leads to a fresh feel and look of the company.
A logo redesign also serves as a very good platform for companies to launch their new products and services to their customers. A branding strategy can be built around this major visual change for the latest offerings by the company.
Logo redesign is an excellent option for companies who’ve recently been under the scanner due to controversial actions. It gives them a refreshing new look and opens doors to start afresh.
Impacting the market and the client base is influenced by a company’s logo. A more attractive logo appeals a larger target base of clients. When a company decides to redesign their look, they are looking at an additional set of prospective clients and customers. This also leads to a probable expansion.
Redesigning the logo can be a big move and involves risk as well. But, when you decide to take this step, it is sure to give out a positive impression of your firm and make people believe that you have a fearless approach towards change. It showcases your company as dynamic and adaptive.

The Bad:
Since it is a huge step, there is a large risk involved too. While chances are you may get success, but the plan could backfire too. Here are some cons of each the move.
Visual representation of the company, although important needs to be limited. Sometimes, companies invest a lot of money into their logo development which impacts their finances negatively. If you’re not clear about the investment you may go overboard and witness adverse effects.
While the idea is enticing and even revolutionary, it needs a lot of input and patience to make the most of it. Redesigning a logo is equivalent to creating a newer better image of your brand and it needs to be well planned.
When redesigning, there is always a risk of overdoing the design which leads to a poor impression on the clientele which in turn might switch to other brands simply because of your visuals.
The logo is the heart of the company and speaks out the motto of the organization. So, while creating a new design you could diverge from your original mission and create havoc.
Sometimes, a redesign is simply not required and when forced, it kills the feel of the company.

So, with a proper mindset and after counter questioning every possibility, decide on whether you company logo needs a revamp or not!

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