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Blog July 16, 2015

Importance of Evolution Strategy in the Digital Age

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Writen by nitin.jha

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The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin holds true in all aspects, everything goes through change and in order to cope with this change, one needs to adjust or modify one self. A continuous change leads to evolution. Whether it is species, trades or human practice, everything has evolved and the practice of evolution is imperative. Somebody who fails to change with the change in circumstances eventually ceases to survive.

Today’s generation is living in the digital era where everything is coded. The internet phase has also gone through a lot of change, every now and then there happens to be changes which leads to older version being rendered as obsolete. The big question is, whether it is important to evolve. Can you not survive without evolving yourself according to consumer stimulus? The answer has always been a big fat Yes.

Following are some of the reason which would support this argument.

Cut throat competition – When we talk about business and trade, the first thing which comes to our mind is competition. In order to succeed one needs to supersede the competitors, this is where evolution strategies play a vital role. If you wish to make a place in the market, it is important to build an abode and keep moulding it. Even a small player can bring about change and thereby evolution & in the end the best would remain, as it is rightly said “Survival of the Fittest”. Businesses which do not adapt to change somewhere somehow gets lost in the crowd.

Adapting according to the consumers need – Consumer needs and requirements are also going through continuous evolution. It is because of this that the Digital age is too going through an evolution. Hence in order to survive, one needs to take into consideration the demand and supply mechanism. One needs to supply only those things which are being demanded, if something needs evolution, then evolving it should be a priority.

Widespread choice and alternatives – Today the consumer has a right to exercise his or her own choice. This has not only opened widespread horizons but has also broadened the scope for improvement. Due to change in needs and requirements, there is a change in delivery and methods of performing a particular task. Evolution strategy plays a very crucial role in working in an environment where there is a wide choice for both the consumers as well as the suppliers.

Lack of resources – Unfortunately, due to lack of resources, one needs to strategise and work on it to plan deliverable. This is where a combination of strategies works to deliver the promised service or good. One of these strategies which work very well is evolution strategies. This not only helps combat competition but also helps in making use of non-renewable resources in the best possible manner.

Brand relevance – The new age customer has limited attention span and so many distractions. With so much happening all the time, all brands should look out for one thing only, dynamism. Being quick and tapping into the right trends at the right time is the key to staying relevant, as is evolving constantly on the whole. Planning campaigns around global events or bringing up local events also helps your brand stay in the limelight. The same technique can be used to generate an efficient audience to your campaigns.

The time of humongous establishments is out and minimalistic and inspiring evolution is in !


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