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Blog May 12, 2014

How to make a Brand out of none

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Now comes How to Create a Brand or How to make a Brand out of none in 5 easy steps?

1 Analysis: It’s very important to do a brief analysis on a Brand that we are going to start with. Analysis may be in terms of ideology, planning, future prospects and costs.

2 Stay Focused: Another factor which is very important is to stay focus on the goal with which you started it. Set goals, small marketing budgets, fix proper budgets to be spent on online marketing, social media, advertisement and offline marketing depending upon the marketing strategy.

3 Customer Services: Customer Service is very crucial because whole concept is dependent on customer service, if customers are happy they will automatically appreciate your Brand Image. Some factors which deflect customer’s mood or behavior are:

  • 73% of consumers love a Brand because of friendly customer service.
  • 70% of buying experience is based on how they were treated.
  • 89% of consumers stop working with those companies which have poor customer service.

4 Customers Feedback & Constant Change: Customer feedback is very important whether it for huge brands or startups. Every Brand especially start ups should focus on Feedback because is depicts the ideas of persons from different origin and beliefs. Constant improvement in accordance with the Feedback is also highly important.

5 Encourage your Customers: Best way to Brand yourselves is to involve your customers in some sort of celebrations, togetherness, and social meets, make them feel special because a happy customer indirectly pulls other to be a part of your Brand.

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