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Blog September 13, 2016

How can brands capitalize on User-Generated-Content (UGC)

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Writen by nitin.jha

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In order to face cut throat competition, brands are trying new and cutting edge technology to be the number one. One of which is the use of User Generated Content. As we all know content is the king and it does all the talking. If a business gets its content right and sells it in the most efficient manner then, half of the battle is won. In order to make sure that the content reaches to the masses there are various ways of making use of user generated content. Following are some of the kind of UGC platforms:
• Blog comments
• Facebook comments or posts
• Reviews
• User generated videos
• User generated blog posts
• Forums
• Podcasts
Let’s check out some of the ways by which brands can actually capitalize on this user generated content:

1. To Increase Sales and Revenue:
The biggest risk of buying a product online is lack of tangibility, which increases the doubts in the mind of the consumers. Hence in order to convert potential buyers into actual buyers, it is very important to increase their confidence towards the product which can very effectively be done with the help of UGC. One of the easiest and the most successful ways to build that relation is through social media platforms, such as Facebook, by answering their queries, posting positive reviews left by other buyers and also by showcasing a buyer with the product purchased.
2. In Attaining a High Ranking on Search Engines:
UGC is a plethora of fresh content and acts as a very effective SEO technique. Along with promoting the product it also helps in providing a high ranking on various search engines. Many social media platforms and handles itself helps in attaining a high ranking on search engines.

3. To Increase Brand Credibility:
As mentioned above, increasing the confidence of a buyer towards the product can significantly increase the sales; therefore, UGC is a great way to increase a brand’s overall credibility. A good review or a word of mouth appreciation can add great value. UGC is a very effective way of communication, therefore one of the most efficient ways to spread the news is buy holding events, contests and polls and letting your audience participate. Making use of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, where people post pictures of the product purchased can be very helpful. By announcing a small reward or money off coupons for posting pictures of product purchased can act as a rewarding factor and work wonders for the campaign.
4. In their Digital Marketing Campaign:
UGC on platforms such as food blogs, sports, fashion and fitness blogs can work out to be very effective. Remember, people normally do not visit blogs and social media platform to buy something, rather they visit them to socialise or get inspired by an idea. Therefore UGC helps to target those blogs which make use of your product or are in any way related to your industry. For example if you want to sell a food supplement then target a health and fitness blog.

These initiatives can contribute to your campaigns while keeping your audience engaged with your brand.
How else can UGC be used to build up your brand’s campaign? Share with us !

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