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Blog January 10, 2015

4 Hardest Parts of SEO

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Varied numbers of challenges have been identified by some of the leading industry experts of SEO. However, some of the challenges have out-powered the others in line. Hence, a comprehensive discussion on the hardest parts of SEO is completely essential for the new breed of SEO professionals.

1. Look out for the best source for information :  The presence of wrong information is very high when it comes to SEO. The presence of people who don’t know anything is also pretty high. So, you should stop thinking about tricks that can be used, you should rather focus on guidelines and blogs that have been published on them. Although, there are many websites through which you can find information, however many websites will mislead also.

2Integrate whatever you know : SEO is not the most difficult field. If you need to understand how the tasks have to be performed then you just need to follow some tutorials present online. So, SEO is not at all hard or confusing. The problem is learning all the tasks of SEO and making a comprehensive plan of tasks that will suite the particular project the most. Prioritization of opportunities is another aspect that you need to understand. Lastly, ensure that you comply with the continuously changing algorithms of SEO and integrate them into your process of working to ensure the best results.

3. Market your project : Once you know how to solve the first two aspects, the third point of selling your project should not be very difficult. It should become very easy for you to face individuals and their questions. For the first few times, you might feel that you are going wrong but ultimately you will be able to find your way. You need to go through a slow process of providing education to customers for them to understand the process in the best manner. The concept should be summarized enough to be explained in 10 minutes.

4. Are you sure, you are doing it well? : Individuals often feel that, if their ranking is well then the tactics that have been used are sufficient. However, this might not be true. The webmaster guidelines of Google are many times inconsistent with the thought process of website owners. The success of one website through some tactics does not ensure that the same tactics will be applicable for yours as well. In fact, you might even get penalized for copying the tactics of some other website. The best way is to go by the book.

Conclusion : So, we have comprehensively explained the hardest parts of SEO. The surprising part is that none of them is related to any particular SEO tactic. We have certainly come to the business aspect of SEO, which holds a bigger picture than any other parts of SEO as a profession. Hence, it is very important for a professional to correct the business aspect before anything else.

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