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Blog February 7, 2017

Why aren’t your Facebook Ads working?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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There are several marketing strategies to sell your product or to increase traffic on your page. One of the most used & proved ways is to publish digital advertisements and target people to click on your ad. Social media marketers very well realise the important of putting ads on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. This can work out to be wonderful if used properly. However, many people often have a complaint that their Facebook ads do not generate enough return. What could be the potential cause? Following are few of the reasons for your Facebook ads not generating enough ROI:

  1. Not Targeted at the Right Audience– Facebook ads, as compared to other digital platforms, are relatively easier to track. Therefore it is very important to target them to the correct set of audience if you wish to not only derive good results but also customize demographics for future campaigns. One of the best ways to target it to the perfect audience is by placing them according to one particular campaign. The audience that worked for one category might not for another!
  2. Depending on Spam Clicks- You would have been surprised to see that a particular campaign has received millions of likes but when it comes to the sole objective, it has failed miserably! In this regards it is very important for you to filter out spam clicks which do not add anything to the popularity of the product in fact it is very important to monitor such activity with the help of UTM Parameters, Bitty links, jetpack plugin and marketing automation. These are dangerous because they make you believ that your campaign is popular, whereas it isn’t actually performing its purpose.
  3. Use of Incorrect Ad Format-It’s not only about the matter but also about in which format it is posted. Facebook offers variety of formats such as slideshow format, click to website ads, website conversion, simple engagement, app downloads, overall brand promotion etc. which can be very successful if used smartly. The Power editor feature now allows you to add a Call-To-Action button to all your Link-based posts, adding another dimension to ROI.
  4. Lack of Experimenting & Retargeting– It is not every time that an initiative is successful, many times you might have to retarget the same ad with the same audience or a different mix. Incase your ad hasn’t performing like you anticipated, analyse what went wrong and try to make the same ad work in a different demographic. Retargeting helps in recapturing an image of the product in the potential customer’s eyes and can make it worthwhile.
  5. Misleading or Misplaced Ads -In order to gauge attention of the consumer it is very important for the advertisement to be attractive and engaging. Many times the ads are simply marketing in bland way, whereas the customer is looking for pure evidence in order to be sure that buying a particular product will be value addition. Therefore it’s a good idea to go back to the basic objective, design the communication and plan the placement there & then itself!

By keeping in mind to avoid these micro mistakes, one can greatly increase the impact of Facebook Advertisements.

What are something that you feel marketers get wrong about advertising on social media? Share with us!

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