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Blog May 19, 2016

Why are millennials hooked to Snapchat?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Technology has evolved over the years and the kind of development that we see these days is amazing. With the smartphones taking charge of how things are done, today’s teenagers have access to almost everything at the touch of their thumb. Want food? Order it online. Want a cab? Let’s use an app. Whilst it solves major everyday problems, it is also the most influential medium of entertainment and communication with social media apps being the leaders in the market. While Facebook and Instagram are the ever green apps, Snapchat is the latest favorite among the teens. The photo sharing app allows its users to share stories for 24 hours, following which they are deleted. One can also send picture message which are removed after a few seconds of visibility. This is the main feature of the app. Now we know why it’s a hit among the teens right? Let’s have a look at some other reasons for this amazingly unique app.

1. Quick and Graphic: Only a 90’s kid can understand how complex it was to send a text message. Getting your first phone was a milestone in any teenager’s life. But as we progress towards a technological world, technology and communication becomes easier. But considering different social media platforms, it can be said that Snapchat is indeed the simplest of them all. A simple picture upload is quick and easy.
2. Private: Let’s accept the fact that teenagers these days do not share everything with their parents and there are times when they cannot let them know about certain things. That is when snapchat becomes the perfect medium to share stories with a limited audience, friends to be precise. Privacy is a very important thing which teenagers these days look for and this app offers them the same.
3. Kills social pressure: With Facebook and Instagram being leaders in story sharing, they also come with features to measure the reach of a certain post, picture or message. This tends to create a competitive environment even on the social platform which can lead to teenagers having a negative impact. On snapchat, the stories shared do not really come with a measuring medium to know the reach, hence, it’s like a one to many messaging app.
4. Trendy: With Facebook being a household name, chances are every family member is on the platform and is very active too. When it comes to snapchat, it is a new concept and is more popular among the young age group. This makes the app exclusive and trendy. Being on the platform gives the teenagers a sense of being in accordance with the latest trend and that is an influential reason to love the app.
5. Mobile only app: Unlike every other social media app which is present on multiple platforms like PC, Mobile and web, snapchat is a mobile only app adding to its exclusivity. It also makes it portable. The app can only be accessed via a smartphone and hence is like a unique identity for every teen.

We have weighed in on our reasons for teens to love Snapchat and it can be rightly said that the app has carved its way into teenagers heart and smartphones and it is going nowhere anytime soon.

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