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Blog December 10, 2016

Which updates led to Social Media conquering 2016?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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2016 is almost on its last leap and without a doubt it has been a year of social media success. Business, media houses and entrepreneurs have used social media to its fullest. Social media have proved to be a tool which has made business flourishes but at the same time have also backfired in few avenues. This clearly shows how social media can prove to be a boon when used effectively and can prove to be a disaster if not controlled well.

Following have been some of the top highlights of 2016 as far as social media is concerned

Faster Response Time-Social media is all about being spontaneous .In the year 2016 it has been seen that the top three social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has improved itself in being more spontaneous. It has improved on its lead time and, it has become more interactive. Not only have they added new features which linked aits users to one another but has also worked on forming relationships.

Live Streaming of Video-There are more and more new features in which live streaming of videos have seen an upsurge. Facebook has introduced a new feature known as the Facebook live which has been very welcoming with its users. This has brought about replacing other competitors such as skype call, IMO etc. Social media has been working very hard to integrate all features and been successful in many ways.

Integration of Advertisement with Social Media Posts-Another great achievement with social media has been is the integration of advertisement with social media post. The new buy button has helped many shoppers to take an instantaneous decision and has helped businesses by converting prospective buyers to actual buyers.

Smart Phones-Social media is now not only confined to desktop or laptops , it has now been integrated with all smart devices, as according to a survey it was found that a person is found to be visit by any social media website when mobile. Hence any new device which is being launched in the market is tested first on compatibility with social media platforms and same goes for any new website. Its UI is tested on various smart phone devices as to check its compatibility.


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