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Blog June 24, 2016

What is the Impact of Twitter’s New Strategy?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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In the coming future, the art of tweeting will observe various modifications and developments, following the trends of time. Twitter stays the voice of our generation. Every minute around 350, 000 tweets are sent. It’s a crisp and cool social media, highly effective to make an impact in the wide world web. The twitter sphere is a zone of subtlety with an intellectually awakened audience, high on creative ability of expression (and controversial remarks) limited to just 140 characters. The feeling of following the eminent celebrities and personalities is what makes Twitter different.

Enhanced Expressions: New Twitter Strategy

• Replies: With this new updated feature, @names will not be added to 140 character count while replying.
Media Attachments like photos, links, GIFs, videos will not be counted as characters. This will be a cool thing for the users and brands to communicate more without the excessive stress on word count.
Retweet & Quote-Tweet oneself: With the advent of this feature, the self won’t go unnoticed and this can be an effective step towards making the users practice self-centric and self-promotional practices to reach more people.
Adieu .@: the tweets around usernames will be simplified. New tweets beginning with usernames will be displayed to all followers. For a reply to be seen by one’s followers, one can retweet it to indicate that it needs to be viewed more broadly.

• Brand Connection & User Activity
There will be an extensive impact on the number of users, strong brand connection and user activity, etc. There can be far-reaching effects as well, with the space generated for exceeding the space in the art of expression and conversation. The unique features of Twitter make it fit for ‘Live Commentary, Connection and Conversation’ and after the new changes, it can become a more happening place like a tea-shop in a small town, offering wide array of gossips; the only difference will be that Twitter works Globally and with a gentle tug-of-war between opinions, viewpoints, conflicts, solutions etc. and involves the whole galaxy of change-makers, leaders, celebrities, emerging Brands, etc.
• Reaching the Masses
In the coming months, upcoming changes will make it go user-friendly and aimed towards reaching the mass population.
• Live Video Sharing
With the emergence of Vine and Periscope, users from around the world can share live videos and take a step towards sharing innumerable individual experiences, thereby making the process of communication more easy and profound.
• Character Count
With the news that Twitter is working on character count, the change in increasing the character limit will promote the tendency of long-form content sharing.
• Retweet counts dropped & Third Party Software
With the dropping of retweet counts, there will be a considerable decrease in sharing. Enterprising companies can build software to provide information services to Brands.
With the New Twitter Strategies, there will be new commendable changes in Creative Marketing Trends and the practice of reaching out to one’s potential consumers effectively.

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