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Blog March 13, 2015

What are the latest trends in the web designing world

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Writen by nitin.jha

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In the ever-changing world of web designing, trends keep evolving with each passing day. What seemed to be hitting the nail yesterday, no longer appeared as magical as the latest trend of today. With the evolution in techniques and trends of the web, it is quintessential for marketers and designers to catch up with the latest happenings in the design world. As it gets difficult to do a thorough research on various medium to absorb all that is important, we have made a list of the emerging trends which would help you score more than your competitors in the game of increasing your fan base.

The latest design trends of 2015 are :

Big, Beautiful Images :  As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Make sure you leave a great first impression on your audience by the use of high quality, beautiful and lively images. Once people like the images, they are sure to go through the whole design and like the rest as well. Search High Resolution Images

Flat Design : One trend that has been evolving over the past year to now is that of a flat design. With biggies like Apple and Microsoft catching up to the trend and following it religiously, it has become the most preferred for all leading brands. The subtleties and clarity that a flat design renders to any piece of work adds to the overall appeal.

Catchy Content : Gone are the times, when web pages were filled with lengthy, technical and intricate content, which were a deal breaker for the visitors. Too much of content lessens up the interest of visitors and impact of the page. In present times, the need is of content that is almost like storytelling, which makes it interesting and engaging. Less is more is the key when it comes to content. Also Check Content Plagiarism .

Responsive Design : Although, this seems to be obvious, yet a lot many brands are still ignoring the fact that a design should be responsive on all mediums. Whether a person is accessing the design on a computer, tablet or mobile, the design should be developed in such a way that it delivers the same experience in all mediums throughout. The sooner the brands adopt this trend, the better results they would see in the future.

Long Pages : This trend has been thoughtfully come across owing to the short attention span of people. With busy lives and less time to concentrate on each minute thing that they are exposed to in today’s time, designers and developers have started making long scrolling pages, which prevents the use of clicking on tabs. With all the necessary information available on a single page, people can read and see all that they need to in a single go.

These are the few trends that have been emerging since past year and would evolve in the present. Make sure you catch up on them, so that you do not lag behind in the rat race.

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