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Blog July 27, 2016

What Are Some Top Content Management Systems And Why Are They Needed?

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Content Management System Software (CMS) is a collection of advanced tools that help to create, upload and manage content online. It includes web creation programs or the creation of custom sites by means of source code. There is a constant advancement seen with the addition of new tools that aid e-commerce with new utilities like a virtual shopping basket, effective management tools, easy display and distribution, and modified customer service units that collectively enrich the user experience and reflect a positive brand image in terms of trust and reliability.
With the rapid growth of Digital Marketing and emergence of new E-Commerce portals, content marketing becomes the most effective means of achieving great results. Again, with the growing digital trends and evolving content management systems, it’s advisable to be at par with the new tools of innovation and stay ahead of the crowd. Here are some of the top Content Management systems that have revolutionized the field of Web Development.
• Hubspot
It’s a ‘full funnel marketing platform’ that offers drag and drop website templates and is optimized with effective search and security facilities. Its features include on-page WYSIWYG editor, Website Content Management Dashboard, Website Analytics Dashboard, Content Staging Environment, Smart Content etc.
It started as a blogging platform but gradually evolved as a complete content management system through a grand number of widgets, plug-ins and themes. It’s highly popular and known for its simplicity, flexibility, easiness and systematic development features and provides excellent publishing and management tools.
• Drupal
It’s one of the finest Content Management System known for its modularity and flexibility. Its principles comprise globalism, innovation and collaboration. It excels in creating an integrated digital framework with a special emphasis on innovation and improvement.
• Kentico
Kentico is another Content Management System that provides an extraordinary digital experience, with the mission to bring sophistication in the Digital Marketing trends globally. It currently powers more than 25, 000 websites and is renowned worldwide.
• Joomla!
It’s a popular open source multilingual CMS platform. It’s known for high extensibility and is well supported. It offers decent Management facilities in terms of content, contacts and banners, making a way for ease and accessibility. It’s equally effective for Designers and Developers.
Importance of Content Management Systems:
• Ease & Efficiency: Content Management Systems provide ease and enable the websites to function more swiftly and effectively. With the emerging technological advancements, web analytics and website management professionals have adopted the usage of specialized tools and applications that impact every sector of Commerce and boost Creativity and add efficiency.
• Advancement: It’s always commendable to adopt advanced techniques in order to progress and succeed. With the usage of CMS software, website creation, content management and sharing, digital marketing, SEO, etc. have reached the next level of functionality and a virtual market-based set-up has been built that enriches user experience and adds to the level of sophistication.

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