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Blog July 23, 2015

Using Social Media to Impact Social Causes

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Writen by nitin.jha

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By now everybody is aware of the impact of social media. Social media has the power of producing a multiplier effect if used in the right direction. Whether it is business, education,  politics or social welfare, social media in the past has brought about very engaging results

Arguably,  social media is one of the most powerful mediums to make your information go viral. The best part about social media is that one is not forced into getting involved but is motivated to get involved.

This is one of the positives about social media and in the past as well it has been seen how social media has changed the lives of many by rewarding and generating positive outcomes. One such example is the contribution of social media towards social causes. If each one of us gets educated and more aware of the social issues engulfing our world, then suffering may be wiped off from the face of earth.

Following are some of the domains where social media can be instrumental in resonating goodness in social issues:

Social media acts as a source of advertising and publicizing social events -There was a time when people who even wish to get involved in social causes did not get their voices to reach the common man. Today due to social media, their plea is being heard and hundreds of people who are like minded are able to join and contribute towards this movement. Therefore social media acts as a harmonizing platform which helps unite people and bring about synergy by putting people efforts in a common direction. With the help of campaigns such as the Ice bucket Challenge which helped create awareness about ALS and No Make Up Selfie campaign to contribute to cancer research are definitely classic examples.

Raising money for social causes – Social media plays a very important role in voicing their actions and portraying how protecting the environment can bring about a better future. Youth from all over the world are setting up charities which not only educate people with the help of creating an educational video and uploading it at various social media channels but also encourage participation. Another great way is to become a free agent fundraiser or heartspace and mobilize the network through social media network. Social media is a platform where, people get to learn new things and also have the freedom to express what they feel.

Social media acts as a great platform for debates and new learning – Social media has the power to hear people’s voices and also challenge them. Creating events on Facebook is a valid example of creating awareness. The recent campaign BringBackOurGirls proved to be a major success which targeted to help the 273 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped. Events such as flash mobs and charity events can be advertised using Facebook and twitter. Social media is a powerful medium to make things go viral. With the help of twitter hashtag,  one can spread a message like a fire. In fact Twitter and Facebook also acts like a grape wine and is an excellent tool for informal communication.

In short, social media has brought about openness. Along with benefiting big businesses, it has also made a huge impact on social welfare. It acts as a commanding body which helps in unifying people who have the vigor to do something. Be one of the change makers, use Social Media to make a difference.

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