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Blog May 28, 2016

Tips to create powerful corporate presentations

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Writen by nitin.jha

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As we grow into the digital age, everything that we work on keeps getting elaborative in terms of meaning and explanation but the content is getting simplified and concise. We try to keep everything short and simple when put into words and one form of expression which most people is a presentation. In the corporate world, where deadlines are a constraint and the commercials involved are extremely valuable, time is money. Moreover, going through long paragraphs is a thing of the past. A simple graphical representation of a process explains it better than a thousand words.
So, in the corporate world, it becomes a necessity to integrate presentations with techniques which save you on time while also displaying your innovative skills and creativity in pitching an idea. Let’s discuss certain tips and tricks which are bound to give your presentation that touch of efficiency and creativity.
1. Prove your credibility at the very beginning: Credibility doesn’t mean registration certificates and legal documents, neither does it mean a two page introduction about your business. Rather, it means providing certain details about your previous work or unique qualities of your firm through images or a narrative.

2. Support your experiences fully fledged: Again, this term does not mean you should upload all your project reports and technical outputs in the presentation slides. But it does imply that you should be liberal when it comes to talking about your previous experiences. Once you’ve established your credibility as a top notch player, you will need to support your claims about stories and experiences. This is very important and although this doesn’t have to be a part of your presentation, adding it in the speech is a good idea.

3. Definition of an aim or goal is important: Knowing a destination always makes the travel easier and inquisitive. Similarly, defining your ultimate goal at the beginning of the presentation gives the audience a clear idea about your direction and what is that you’re trying to imply with the same. This makes them curious about your idea and increases attention power of the lot. Not only this, defining your aim firms your ground and boost self confidence as well. Several times this helps you get desired results as it gives the audience time to make up their mind. Whether it’s a partnership or investment, chances are you’ll get it if your goal is clear.

4. Quotations leave a lasting impact: Beginning your presentation which has a new ideology or innovation to be focussed on should start with a powerful quote or saying which relates to your idea and says a lot in a few words. Rather than using a regular stock slide with a heading, quotes tend to have a better impact on the viewers. Any supporting statement should be said out loud to complement with the idea. This thought provoking quotation will stick in the listener’s mind.
5. Thought provocation through questions: When you are giving a presentation, you are in control of the audience for that specific time frame and they will see what you want them to see and hear what you want to convey. So it is always advisable to make it a conversation and not a presentation. Including thought provoking or rhetorical questions and subtly slipping in a question or two to play with their mind always helps absorb more information as they question their own credibility or efficiency. Questioning oneself is the best way to point out the problem. To deliver an amazing presentation, try to include questions and feedbacks as well. Make your presentation a two way process.

6. Add graphical inputs: The best way to describe anything is to showcase it and even with corporate presentations, nothing works better than graphical representation of the problem as well as the solution. Any action is best described through pictures and even the stats can be simplified with the help of charts and figures. Adding graphics not only simplifies the process but also creates a better looking presentations and fills up space if organised accordingly. As they say, ” Excess of everything is bad.” You should take care not to overflow your slides with graphics and maintain a balance between the text and supporting graphical interface.
7. Make it interactive: So, we have read about how you should ask questions and keep the audience engaged, hence it is also necessary to add some interactive statements to your slides. These could be anything from a random fun activity for a few seconds of break, a self rating chart or even a question. Now, remember that this is different from vocal questioning since with this medium you are offering the audience to interact directly with the channel of delivery that is the presentation.

8. Be prepared for the worst: The audience will have all types of people. Some inquisitive while others just sitting there to find out flaws, and you should be prepared to handle either of these types. You could be bombarded with questions about your presentation and while some of them will be very tough others could simply be vague and invalid. Nonetheless, you need to keep your head straight and answer the questions with wit, confidence and knowledge. A sudden question which you have no idea about could affect your confidence, but, it is alright to be nervous and to pause for a minute. Take a few breaths and answer the questions calmly.
9. Confuse them and leave an impact: An intentional controversial statement or incorrect figure can give you a major feedback about your audience. It will tell you whether they are actually following your point or are they just nodding to your vocal beats. This is a very smart way to grab people’s attention and can be used to talk about some major points from the issue. So it is a good move to make intentional errors every once in a while.
Corporate presentations are usually considered to follow certain protocols and guidelines. But, it is upto the presenter to play with his/ her creativity and leave a lasting impact with their words and visuals.
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