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Blog August 20, 2015

Tips for Efficient Content Marketing​

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Truly, Content Marketing has come a long way, and is now serving as a very effective tool in the field of product and service marketing. However, one needs to understand that not all content sells, and even if it sells, doesn’t add value to the campaign. In order to make your content marketing more efficient, one needs to know few things. There are several ways by which one can make content marketing strategies more efficient.

Below are some of the tips which would help you increase your Content Marketing Efficiency

Listicles: If you are looking to target an audience who are short of time but are inquisitive to attain more information about your products and services, then listicles are a great way to get their attention. There are various advantages of a listicle, not only does it pin point on the focus area but also saves on time. In order to make your listicle look more attractive, you can add funny and humorous one liner accompanied by an image.

We boast of 2 such campaigns in our strategy as well, WSC Chipnotes and Sparrow Spoof !

How to guide: There are more and more people who are struggling to find out solutions to a particular problem, and what better way than to look up on the internet. Therefore, if you have a How To Section, or various tips kind of content, then it’s bound to sell. The only big challenge is to make the content concise and to the point. Try and avoid useless information and focus directly on the subject as How To content as it targets those people who wish to solve a problem instantly. Many short videos or vines can also be a part of this section.

Posting reviews of products and services: Technology has been evolving, rendering many products and services as obsolete. New and better performing products are entering the market every day. Therefore, if you are tech savvy and are aware that there is a large audience, then why not make use of reviews on new and upcoming gadgets and services. It’s a great idea to make reviews a part of your blog in order to get instant traffic. Consumers who are looking to buy new devices are constantly looking for unbiased reviews of new and upcoming products. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you need to act fast before the product becomes obsolete.

Opinionated content: Opinionated content sells very fast. Just pick up anything which is trending and write down what you think about it. In case of opinions there is nothing which is right or wrong, therefore you have the freedom to write what you feel about. Make sure your opinions do not become too controversial that it involves political or social upheaval, however controversial content invites traffic but might not benefit the brand in the long run.

Polls, Surveys and Competitions: Surveys and competitions not only make your blog look interactive but also arouse the interest of the audience. Make sure to introduce regular competitions and put up survey results. If you want to make it more attractive you can put up a cartoon or provide explanation of the survey results.

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