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Blog August 10, 2016

The Ultimate Product Photoshoot Checklist!

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Writen by nitin.jha

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With the growing popularity of e-commerce portals and online shopping trends, the art of product photoshoot has advanced to a higher level. The visual impact becomes the sole drawing factor towards compelling the customers to have a glimpse of the product and consider it worth purchasing. The expert product photography is rich in emotional connectivity and catches the eyes of the beholder.
Here’s the ultimate product photoshoot checklist for the aspiring amateur photographers and creative souls out there!

Camera: A DSLR camera with an effective manual and video mode, easy lens changing ability, impressive megapixels and versatility is recommended.
• Light: Light plays a significant role in capturing the essence of the product and its details, external features, etc. The soft light tends to make the product come alive and more appealing. Experimentation with different shades of light, window, umbrella, and other everyday objects can be done as per the creative need, depending on the domain of products (food, clothing, furniture, etc).
• Reflectors: For a perfect light and immensity, market-based or self-made reflectors can be used like aluminium foil, mirrors, etc.
• Background: Background is an essentially important characteristic as it adds exclusivity to the product. A number of techniques can be used like color combination, mix and match, usage of props and natural setting (like adding cocoa chips at the background which shooting a chocolate product, etc.). In case of clothing, the background can be chosen by keeping in mind the color of the apparel and letting the focus stay on the product instead of the background. The balancing skills and experimentation can bring bright results.
• Incorporate Variety: Variety is always in demand for customer centric commercial approach. The variety of products can be highlighted through photography, colors, lights, shades and creative sophistication. The natural effect is always attractive, like gorgeous sunglasses placed at the beachside and so on.
• Use a tripod: For a flawless photography experience, usage of tripod is must. It prevents the photograph from getting blurred and makes the overall process easier and smoother.
• Keep it clear and detailed: The best product photographs stay simple yet focused and expressive. E-commerce websites can just offer a pictorial overview, thus making it necessary to highlight the features of products to visually satisfy & attract the customer.
•  Angles and dimensions: The photographic angles are highly relevant to completely capture the product and let the images speak louder than the descriptions.
• Creative Ideas: Photography is a creative field and new experimentation can enhance the feel. It has been rightly said that a single picture can carry infinite dimensions and thoughts. With a creative approach in product photography, the hearts of potential customers can be easily won and they may feel compelled to buy a particular product, visualized in their imagination as a ‘must-have’.
• Weather: Product Photography is not much dependent on weather and temperature alterations as most of it is done indoors. In case there is a specific concept requirement, then sunny or cloudy won’t matter as the conditions must align with the concept.
• Editing: The photographs must display consistency and have an apt size. A professional editing gives a final touch to perfect the shots.

Product photoshoots are going to form a very strong vertical in the photography industry in the times to come. Are you ready?
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