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Blog March 31, 2018

The rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing in 2018

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Digital marketing continues to bring new innovations and advancements to the table. This is one industry that constantly seems to surprise the brands and the consumers. With the aim to reach a wider audience, digital marketing tools are undergoing a massive transformation. Here are some digital marketing trends that will definitely be on the forefront for this year.

AR + Social Media

AR or augmented reality is slowly seeping into the world of advertising. As we become well-versed with our phones and use social media with the same frequency as we breathe, AR becomes a handy tool for the brands. With active location services, brands can target consumers for a unique AR experience.

AI and virtual assistants

With Alexa laughing randomly at its customers, there has been a downfall of the same. However, AI, and virtual assistants are bound to play an important role in the lives of their customers. This is because these assistants and chatbots use conversation as a means to interact with their users which comes to the customer naturally.

The downward spiral of influencer marketing

 influencer marketing has grown at breakneck speed. So, it is bound to crash and burn in a similar manner. The market is saturated with influencers and this year will see the fall of those who haven’t been able to build a substantial following. Brands want ROI on the money they spend on influencers and the progress is not always measurable.

Hyper-targeting consumers

Tracking the consumer’s likes and dislikes on the internet is becoming increasingly common for the advertisers. However, customers are bombarded with ads all day, and so this year, brands will create ads that serve a specific purpose and hold the customer’s interests for the few seconds they glance at it.

Diverse content strategies

A content strategy needs to go beyond just a written content. With videos skyrocketing as the preferred mode of marketing, it is imperative for brands to integrate them into their strategies. Just blog posts will not do the trick anymore. Voice search, infographics, video content, and other visual content need to be given a similar importance.

Voice searches

Continuing the conversation about AI entering our daily lives, voice search is becoming increasingly common. As we move on from asking Siri for directions to asking Siri to call a person or send them a text, we are using voice search for the most basic functions. Brands will have to create a strategy to include voice search in their marketing strategies.

Digital media in real life

The advertising experience is not just online, it is offline as well. In this year, brands will continue to create a wholesome experience for their customers by integrating the digital experience into their daily lives. A great example is how sports fans begin their experience virtually with sneak peeks, live videos, etc., and then move on to watch the actual match.

Digital marketing will see some massive changes this year as predicted by the industry experts. Will the brands worldwide be able to make the most of these new experiences and bring them to their customers? It remains to be seen.

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