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Blog December 26, 2014

Technologies we bid Goodbye in the Year 2014

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Technology has continued to surprise us over the years. As we embrace it by making optimum use of it, we also left behind some of the tech products as the new ones took over.Here are few we of them that we left behind in the year 2014.

1.  Windows XP : The operating system which lasted in the market for good 12 years came to an end  as Microsoft decided to invest its resources in more recent technologies. But, with the end of Windows XP, Microsoft has launched better and faster OS, Windows 8 which is widely being used.

2.   Orkut : With the wave of social networking sites that has taken a streak over us, we have literary suppressed one of the pioneer social networking site, Orkut. Facebook has outstripped all of its kind in the business.

3.   Facebook Poke App : It was one of the many apps that Facebook had launched to sustain in the completion of other apps like Snap chat. But it evidently failed as it did not serve many useful purposes.

4.   MSN Messenger : The messenger we held on to us for 15 years was switched off for most of the users last year. Its existence was taken over when Microsoft launches its rival, Skype.

5.   iPod Classic : We all had to wish iPod classic a goodbye when apple launches its new products like apple watches and apple i phones.

6.   Nokia X : The android Nokia X by Microsoft were swept over as Microsoft decided to reduce its manpower. This was the part of one of the many changes that Microsoft encountered after Satya Nadella took over Microsoft. ‘We plan to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows.” said Nadella.

7.   Xbox Entertainment Studios : This was another tech Product which we lost due to the changes for Microsoft this year. All the game lovers did not admire this move, but we don’t know whats coming in the future.

8.   Jusin.tvWith the end of we noticed the end of the era of bedroom blogs and also a lot of illegal websites like star trek channels. The send off of was done after seven years of it wide usage.

9.   Flappy Bird : One of the widely played game saw its diminishing use as other similar games took prominence in android market.

So overall, though we ended up losing a lot of apps/products which had made their mark in our mind, we were surprised with few great life changing products that got launched in this year as well . Thus, the saying …”Technology is ever evolving” stands true..

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