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Blog February 26, 2015

Social Media Takeaways in 2014

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Writen by nitin.jha

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It is the “digital era” where anything and everything begins and ends online. The fast pace of the digital world pushes companies worldwide to discover, explore, learn and implement new things constantly. In digital what stole the limelight was the impact of Social Media. In the past few years, social media has worked wonders for brands in building a huge fan base. To help you know what worked for brands in the year 2014, below are some listed social media takeaways:

Universal value : While posting anything on your social media pages, be certain to share such things that have a universal value. Posts that target people belonging to only one community, profession or religion would be of less importance than a post that interests people worldwide.

Content is king : In today’s time, people have busy lives and little time to sit and read dozen of posts shared on social media. To make your posts stand out from the rest,  draft content that is easy to read, witty, exceptional, with a recall value.

Time is precious : To get maximum followers and conversions, it is essential to know the best time to share your posts. For this you need to keep an eye on the activity levels of your audience to evaluate when most of your target audience is available online.

Images speak : To get your audience to share, like or follow your posts, make sure to add lively, bright and unique images. Not only does images captivate the visitors, but also more likely to be shared.

Length of posts : People just quickly browse the posts shared on social media. With merely just seconds for a post to catch their fancy, apart from being unique, it also needs to short and crisp.

Internal links: Social media would do no good to you, if there are no links attached to your posts to a landing page. For this while posting anything online, insert a link along with it so that the visitors know more about your posts.

Boosts your posts : To share a great idea or information with people, you create a post on your social media accounts. But, this would do you less or no good, if your target audience does not read it. To make sure that the posts reaches to more and more people boost it through various online mediums so that it gets you more visitors.

Now that you know about them, implement these takeaways and experience the magic of social media marketing on your brand this year.

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