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Blog November 29, 2014

Secrets Behind Product Photography

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Writen by nitin.jha

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What is photography? Why do people need a professional photographer, when we all have our phones with high megapixel cameras? The answer is simple, photography is an art, and it cannot be captured with just a camera. There are many more logistics involved. It all includes, light, exposure, brightness,  background and so on. If you are a nonprofessional, it is hard to understand. Above all other things, it is about the gadgets you use, if you have a high-end camera, there is high possibility that you may click similar pictures. In addition to this, with small knowledge of pictures and light effects, you can click make it look bigger and better.

When it is about Photography for E-commerce product, you have to capture the real beauty of the product. It is more than just clicking; it takes lots of precision to enhance the looks of the product. The company is looking forward to sell it, and they want you to do the photo-shoot. During that time, that product is your model, it cannot give any expression or pose like you, all you have to do is place your camera and lights in such a manner, that it gives a feel that it is saying, ‘buy me’. These days, in order to expand their reach, all companies want their product to be available online. Resulting, increase in demand of the professional photographers services.

The Product Photography for E commerce Websites also includes microscopic shoots. Under these shoots, you can see the product details. For example, if you are looking to buy an accessory, you will look for the cuts of the diamond. In addition to it, you would also like to see the details of the metal and its formation. Once you have seen it from different angles, and you are satisfied with it, then only you will press the ‘buy it’ button. Such microscopic details are necessary in Photography for E-Commerce because the company or the product seller wants their targeted audience a feel as if they are buying it in the reality. They want to show the product in such a manner that it is right in front of your eyes, of course in the real world. Normally, such microscopic details can be by rolling over the picture. Most of the times, people do not realize about the logistics behind the end product. The most important thing is that, the product should satisfy the customer, resulting them to buy it.

In a normal product shoot, a photographer does not make a huge amount of money. Such shoots are not time consuming, but they require lots of practice. At times, the photographer is satisfied with his/her image, but the company is not. This simply means that the pro have to try some other techniques.

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