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Blog August 2, 2014

How to plan social media strategy?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Today, when we discuss about Social Media, one thing came to every one’s mind is how can it be helpful for a Start up Business or even well Settled Businesses.

The answer is a big yes as it can be very helpful because it lets people know about your business. Today, most businesses are realizing that social media is a critical component of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but they don’t know from where to start with. With dozens of social networks gaining widespread adoption, it’s tough to imagine a manageable strategy that covers all the bases.

Here are 7 Steps of your success.

1. Planning : Planning is extremely important before we roll out our social media strategy. The planning should ensure that the branding is done in a subtle but powerful way to create a spot in the minds of the target audience

2. Budget: Plan your Budget is the second task to be performed in the process. A well planned budget will help you grow your community over a period of time with more and more reach.

3. Targeting Audience: The key strength of Social Media is that we can target our communication to very relevant audience, based on preferred demographics.

4. Compare: Compare your strategy with your counterparts or rivals, study what they are targeting, how they attract people you should exactly know what is going on in the competition.

5. Success mantra: Based on your strengths and weaknesses, plan a full proof winning strategy.

6. What’s Unique:  Find out some Uniqueness in your concept because people will get attracted if we offer something different.

7. Engage with people:  Engagement with people is very important thing because it will help stay in touch with the target audience.

These are 7 Steps that you should follow and applying these will benefit you a lot in your social media strategy.

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