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Blog July 31, 2015

New Age Problems faced by Graphic Designers

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Writen by nitin.jha

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As fun and interesting as it might sound, the job of a website designer has its own set of difficulties. Being a highly creative professional that relies on aesthetics as much as accessibility, there are always dilemmas about what would look best with what. Not to mention the strict balance that has to be maintained between going into a creative frenzy and sticking to what the client deems as enough. Here’s a list of the few major dilemmas a designer faces while striving to create a competent design

1. Finding the Perfect Font: With the huge array of fonts available to us, choosing the perfect font is like trying to find the perfect needle in a box of needles. If one looks beautiful to us, it doesn’t go with the theme.  For a professional design, you should avoid Casual fonts like Joker Man or any other Cursive font.

2. Aligning the content to the Design: As important as content is to the website, aligning them to fit with our picture of the design is quite time-consuming and causes a lot of redoing too. The website fails if it is not readable or if the picture doesn’t go with the words. The Design has a major role to play in expressing the context.

3. Lack of Predictability: We could spend nights together on the perfect design and go crazily creative on it, but in the end, we can never predict whether it will all work out effectively. Which would mean a lot of crossed fingers and bitten nails, right? As Designers, we cannot predict how the viewers will react to a particular design.

4. Getting hold of Good Quality stock images: Every Designer knows the pain of not finding the right picture. Images are always our Achilles Heel. With almost all of the images getting copyrighted these days, it is a daunting task to find usable, high-quality stock images for our design.

5. Breaking our Design Monotony: We tend to follow our own set of design structures that have been a hit in the past, without realizing that it has turned monotonous. Even though this is required for genuine brand building, after some time the viewers want something fresh. Breaking out of this monotony and venturing into newer and less experimented designs requires courage and a fair bit of risk too.

6. Trends VS Innovations: This has always been a major dilemma. To go with the trend that is so sought after or breaking it and innovating something that could set a trend in itself is one of the questions that arises every time a designing process begins.

7. Having to work without instructions: There is no pre-laid set of rules and regulations for an assured good design. It is all up to us, our creativity, our imagination and the brainstorms of the moment. Though it helps in new innovations, having no assured backup structure sometimes leaves back a feeling akin to getting stranded in a dessert.

Yes, the woes of designers are many. It is high time we are appreciated for facing them all and coming out with such amazing designs, don’t you think?

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