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Blog April 9, 2018

Mastering the art of digital technology so that your business doesn’t get left behind.

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Writen by nitin.jha

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In the age of cutting-edge technology, some businesses are still behind in digital marketing. They might have mastered the traditional marketing techniques, but digital marketing is a whole new play. To create a space for yourself in the online marketplace, here is what you need to do.

Google’s My Business Listing

Using the Google’s My Business Listing service is the first step towards creating your digital identity. The process of claiming your business listing on Google is slightly longer because it involves verification of your business address via post. However, once you have done that, make sure you enter all the relevant details including the address, phone number, opening and closing hours, product photographs, and other business updates.

Social media presence

A social media presence is a must. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a combination of all three. Choose one or two social media platforms depending on your product or service. This will help you to create and implement a proper social media strategy. You may start with one social media platform and work your way up to multiple company accounts. Don’t forget to use the business version of all social media platforms for the maximum impact.

Develop a tone for your brand

It is necessary to create proper content to attract potential followers. Use a conversational and friendly tone in your social media content. If your content sounds like a sales-pitch, followers will not pause to read it. To catch their attention, create content that is one of a kind. Incorporate keywords into your content to get a higher rank in Google search engines.

Don’t forget the visuals

No matter which social media platform you choose, it is imperative to use good quality and professional looking graphics in your posts. Images make a greater impact on the reader as compared to a text. If you wish to share some information with your followers, create an infographic instead of writing it all down. Product photography is another aspect to consider, especially if a major portion of your sales is online.

Email communication is essential

If you already have an email database and aim to connect with your customers on a regular basis, regular emails are a great option. These days, the online software allows a user to select a pre-designed template and send out an email within minutes. This is useful if you have weekly or bi-weekly updates about your products or services. If you don’t have the email ids of your customers, keep a book at the checkout counter and ask your salespeople to encourage the customers to enter their phone number and email address.

Consistency is the key

Your message across all platforms should be consistent. This also includes your company logo. Your social media posts, information on your Google listing, emails, and offline flyers should have the same message. If you are advertising a sale, then make sure the date, day, time, and sale percentage is same on all the platforms.

Your digital marketing strategy should be consistent with your company’s values and goals. Customers value a brand that knows the message it is trying to send. If your brand has a USP such as locally sourced materials, or local production, or a particular benefit, highlight it across all the platforms.

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