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Blog January 12, 2018

Leveraging the power of visual to increase engagement on Social Media

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Did you know that our brains process images a thousand times faster than text? Well, now that you do, you probably understand why images are so important on social media. Brands spend a ton of money getting the right pictures, design the right logos and creating the right frame to display their product. Increased engagement on social media is directly linked to better quality, interesting images. But how exactly should you go about it?


Product photography

Most brands these days rely on visuals to show off their product catalog. This is where product photography comes into the picture. Product photography is much more than taking a picture of the product. It requires skills to compose a picture that looks absolutely perfect and that appeals to the senses of your followers. Do not skimp on product photography for your brand. It will pay off in the long run because users will fall in love with your product at first glance.


Credit images

If you are using images from other brands, companies, websites, be sure to credit them. Nothing is worse than a user discovering you haven’t credited the original source. You can always add a line or two about how the original source is in inspiration or is similar to your brand’s vision. Crediting images will increase your brand’s standing among followers because they will view your brand as honest and trustworthy.


Use watermarks sparingly

Watermarks are a necessity, but use them with caution. A watermark should not, in any way, ruin the overall effect of your image. Most people use a watermark to make sure they don’t have to deal with copyright issues. But, should you go to such an extent that the aesthetic appeal of your social media post is ruined because of a watermark?


Use image creation sites

There are a ton of websites that allow users to create an infographic, poster, social media post, etc., using their tools. These websites have pre-made templates that you can play with to create an image that is aligned with your brand. Do not just put together a collage and create a social media post. Work on composing a picture that will catch the attention of anyone scrolling through your feed.


Images that inform

If you are trying to convey some form of information to your audience, do not use a large block of text. Instead, create an infographic because that is easier for a reader to remember as compared to just text. You can use online tools to create an infographic that is both informative and engaging.


No stock images

Unless absolutely necessary, do not use stock images. If a user has seen a particular stock image somewhere else on the internet, they are more than likely to associate your stock image with something else. Do your research and come up with unique stick images or devote resources to create original visuals.

Remember that each social media platform has an optimal image size for a profile picture, cover picture, image post, etc. Do your research to make sure your image appears exactly the way you want it to in the newsfeed of your customers. A picture is most definitely worth a thousand words in the age of social media.



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