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Blog June 4, 2018

Important aspects to create the website your customers want to see

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Your company’s website is a visual representation of your company and the brand. It might not be wrong to say that it’s the first visual impression you are making on your customers, so it should be effective. A website design should be such that your intended audience should enjoy the browsing experience. So how do you do it?

The layout

The layout of a website should aid the browsing experience of the user. It should direct the user to the piece of information they are looking for with ease. Research has shown that important information should be kept in the top left, middle, and bottom right of a web page.

The color scheme

The color scheme used in the website should be consistent with the brand’s identity and marketing collateral. For example, the color black is often used for upselling and for luxury items. Financial institutions often use the color blue since it represents a feeling of calm and peace. Pick a color pallet with proper care and research.

The font

The typeface and font family used throughout the website is a way to set the tone for the user’s browsing experience. A font family can inspire everything from attention to authority to minimalism. It should force the customer to read between the lines and find meaning in the font and its connection to the brand.

Offering the right information

It is essential to offer the right information to the user. Every single page on your website must offer a clear and concise version of what you want to tell them. Make sure your website is secured and well-protected so the users get a sense of security. Your website and its contents should not be confusing as this can put-off the users.

Making a connection with the customer

Make your customer feel important and you will have them for life. Make your brand friendly, approachable, and open to comments and suggestions. This can be done by creating content that places importance on a brand’s customer or by using colloquial language in certain areas of the website. Invite customers to comment in the comments section or on the social media platform and this, in turn, will encourage them to spend more time on your website.

A CTA everywhere

Humanize your brand by creating imagery that evokes some sort of emotion. Always accompany the text with relevant images to make your point on your website. It is also important to create content that arouses positive emotions with regards to your brand.

Consistency in design and information

Consistency is the key to making an impact on the minds of your consumer. Consistency in logo color, logo design, website layout and design and other marketing collaterals is of utmost importance. This also makes it easy for the users to navigate the website because they are somewhat familiar with the brand’s identity.

The better your website’s design, greater the visibility. Therefore, make sure to follow these essential steps to get customers to your website and keep them browsing there.


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