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Blog March 23, 2019

Importance of Video Marketing

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Writen by nitin.jha

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With the passage of time, marketing has evolved like never before. With transformational techniques used in businesses, there is a major evolution in the marketing tactics. Traditional approaches to product marketing are taking a backseat and newer, more unique approaches mired in technology are gaining momentum. Video marketing is taking root precisely because of this changing trend.

According to one study, 84% of the consumers watch a video about the product on the homepage of the company’s website before purchasing, and out of that 81% businesses claim an increase in sales due to the same. Also, click-through rates of e-mail marketing campaigns have risen by 200 – 300% by inculcating a video in it. There are five major ways by which video marketing can be utilized to make a more significant impact on the viewers and consumers.

Product use tutorials

If your business focuses on selling certain products or services, you can use a video to create product use or service tutorials. Small how-to videos, tutorials, or DIY videos will resonate greatly with the viewer. It also compels the viewer to be more involved and take an actual interest in the content of the video.

Turn webinars into short videos

Webinars are commonly used by businesses as a way to spread information. This is especially true for those businesses that practice B2B marketing techniques. Informative webinars can be turned into short clips that can be posted on social media platforms one at a time. This creates interest in the webinar itself and will have viewers returning for each part of the webinar.

Use video interviews

 Niche industries or industries that focus greatly on technology or other specialized skills tend to have industry experts who can educate an audience or talk about the current trends or the newest technology in the market. Video interviews can be engaging if the questions are thoughtful and useful. While conducting such interviews, always ask if it will add value to the viewer or not.

Short Infographic videos

Tips or hacks are the latest rage. So how can you harness this into creating a video content that resonates with your potential target market? These videos should be less than a minute, so the shorter the better. Use large-sized text to illustrate a tip or trick that can help the viewer use your product or service better.

Tap into the humorous side

Loosen up and tap into the humorous side of your brand. Make a behind the scenes video or put up videos of office parties or get-togethers.This will give your brand and company a more human face which makes it easier for the viewer to relate to your company.

Video marketing needs to be harnessed in the correct manner to make sure it is an effective marketing tool. Use these five tips to create engaging video content for your brand and you will definitely see a difference. Always invest in good editing software to ensure your videos are of high quality.

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