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Blog November 27, 2018

How to use Social Media wisely?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Our daily lives revolve around social media, no matter what platform we use. We wake up, check for the updates, post an update or scroll mindlessly through articles, pictures, and status. So it comes as no surprise that things on social media can blow out of proportion quickly. Everyone has a voice from behind the screen. Therefore, it is easy for the brands or celebrities to get caught up in a social media storm. This is exactly why it is essential to learn how to use social media wisely.

Celebrities and social media

Gone are the days when we read about celebrities only in the papers or magazines. Social media has made today’s celebrities more connected to their fans. While this is a good thing, it can also be bad. Celebrities are humans too and they end up saying things that all their fans might not agree with. For example, Sonu Nigam’s remarks about the call of prayer called Azaan sparked a huge controversy on Twitter and other social media platforms. While celebrities are also entitled to their views, it is important to be mindful of what they say, since they are in a position to influence thousands of people.

Brands and social media

Snapchat’s CEO became famous in India overnight because of his remarks about India, which in turn upset the Indian Snapchat users. This is a great example of what brands shouldn’t do on social media. Just as celebrities are more accessible over social media, brands now have the same connectivity with their customers. An insensitive ad, an offensive picture or an off-hand remark can set off a chain of events on social media which can reflect badly on the brand itself.

Mindful usage

Social media is a tool that needs to be used correctly. For individual users, too much social media leads to a negative effect on everyday social interactions. For brands and celebrities, the blowback on social media for the slightest comment can affect their career or popularity in the market. Social media can be a boon for brands if they use it correctly. They can create content to create a larger customer base, to create brand awareness, and to effectively talk about their products and services. Mindful usage means being socially aware, not making overly controversial remarks, and remaining respectful about your user base.

Controversies plaguing social media

It has become so easy and quick to share things on social media that news spreads like a wild fire. Virat Kohli was recently in the news again for creating a storm on social media. While launching his app, a fan told him about admiring cricketers from other teams, and Kohli slammed back saying he should leave India in that case. He is no stranger to social media controversy since the one before this involved him and Anushka scolding someone on video for allegedly throwing trash.

Mindful use of social media can benefit celebrities as well as brands. It is up to them to leverage the power of social media in a potentially beneficial manner instead of landing in one controversy after another.


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