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Blog October 17, 2016

How to nail the perfect LinkedIn profile

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Gone are those days when people use to queue in front of various job consultancies for hours together and wait for their chance at professional success. Now, everything is done virtually, with the help of various platforms such as job search portals and online resumes. One of the most successful tools which has proved to be a great help for both the prospective employees as well as employers is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professionally driven networking platform which helps acts as a bridge along with building professional profiles. Therefore, if you are looking for a lucrative job then it is very important to have a professional LinkedIn profile. In order to build your LinkedIn profile or improvise it in a way that not only attracts immediate attention, but also helps you increase your network, following tips would come handy:
• Professional Picture- Traditional resumes often do well without a picture, however in case of LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to put a professional picture. Not only will it give a good impression but will be very handy if you are applying for a job which requires smart presentation. Recruiters are able to remember your profile and are able to differentiate between yours and the rest of the portfolios easily.
• Two Way Communication- Unlike a paper resume, which only speaks about you and your professional side, LinkedIn provides a link wherein it acts like a platform where the employer can communicate with you and can reach out to you if any clarification or communication is needed and vice versa. Therefore it’s wise to leave your contact information such as phone number and email address.
• Take It Seriously- LinkedIn is just not any other social media platform, it can make or break your career therefore make sure to formulate it professionally. It’s a good idea to prepare a summary which conveys exactly what you are aiming at and provides a crisp direction to the employer. This would not only portray your skills but also help the employer take quick decisions. Make sure to use keywords and explain your key skills.
• Highlight Your Strong Points- Make sure to put in all relevant information but highlight your key points. Try to focus more on your strengths so that the employer doesn’t miss a thing. Aim ti be open and convey that you are looking for something challenging and there is no harm in showing your passion towards it.
• Make It Presentable- Try and use bullet & highlight key points. In each section regarding your work experience and skills, be honest about your accomplishments.
• Proofread- Make sure you proofread your LinkedIn profile before getting it live. In fact it’s a good idea to get it proofread from somebody else to find errors and scope for improvement. Try and read it aloud and even rehearse as this will help you improve and will also boost your confidence.

By keeping in mind the above points, you would be able to draft the perfect LinkedIn profile and elevate your portfolio as a professional!

Anything to add? Share your tips on how to nail the perfect LinkedIn profile below!

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