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Blog March 27, 2015

How to increase likes on your Facebook page

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Facebook has changed the way brands promoted themselves. With everybody going online to attract maximum audience and build a loyal fan base, you cannot miss the opportunity to make the most of social media. There are different goals that brands aim to fulfill through their Facebook pageWhatever may be the objective, to accomplish it you need to first build your audience on Facebook. In this post we share with you a few pointers on how to expand your online presence and get more Facebook Likes.

1) Fill SEO Friendly Information : To begin with, fill each section that is in your Facebook page with information that is not only relevant to your brand, but is also searchable. From Search Engine point of view, this is a pre-essential to get more visitors on your pageMake a list of keywords which are befitting for your brand and based on that prepare content to be added on your Facebook page. Make sure you do not go overboard by adding too much of keywords.

2) Add Facebook Links : To be certain that people get to know about your Facebook page and like it too, add your Facebook page link on as many mediums as possible. From your website to blog to all offline and online communication, use social plugins on all these mediums to aware and attract maximum people to visit and like your Facebook page.

3) Invite Existing Contacts : There would already be many people from family, employees, friends to existing customers who would like to connect with you through your Facebook page. But in the absence of any knowledge about your page, they fail to do so. Invite all of them to like and promote your page, either via email, in person or directly from Facebook. Once you have got them to your page, asking them to share positive feedback and review would not be a difficult task.

4) Share Valuable Content : People would only like your page and promote it in their circle, if it has content that is of value for them. To build maximum fan base, create and post content that is of universal value. Content that targets a specific group or ideology would get you minimum audience than the content which is of general interest for everybody. To know what kind of content attracts more visitors, do thorough research and observe the pattern of likes on each post shared online.

5) Stay Active : If you think that just getting people on your page is the end of the story, then you are wrong. As you real story of engaging the people who come to your page begins from there. Your followers would stick to you only if you stay active on your Facebook page. The more valuable content you post, engage your followers and deliver quick response, the more activity you would see on your page from people. The need is to create such a powerful presence on your page that makes it worth following by people.

6) Facebook Ads : If you club the magic of these tips with paid Facebook Ads, then it would yield you much better results. To seize the attention of people and convert fans into customers, it is a wise decision to opt for paid Facebook advertising for your page. When you opt for these ads, it shows in the News Feed of people who are likely to be interested in your brand. Make the most of this opportunity and acquire fans from around the world.

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