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Blog January 19, 2016

How to deal with negative remarks on Social Media

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Social Media is the future of how we paint the canvas with our thoughts and it has become a leading platform for people to share their views with the society. While we can get opinions from people, it sometimes happens that there are more negative responses than positives. Some of these comments can be hurtful and demeaning but some of them can just be a critical opinion of someone’s thought process. We need to understand that being active on a free social media means we will come across all sorts of people and will face appreciation as well as criticism. How we handle them is what makes the difference. So let’s see how we can tackle these haters and deal with the negative remarks on social media.

1. Be Polite, Respect the opinion
It is very difficult to handle criticism and what is even difficult is to accept a critical comment with a smile. But, being polite is the best solution. Considering the comment was written with no intention to hurt your sentiments, you should accept the fact that on a free medium everyone like you has the right to opinionated and as they say, ” Respect the speaker.” It is very important to consider the other person’s comment and reply with due respect to his right of expression. If there were any hidden intentions of irking your ego or affecting your self-esteem, being respectful is the best thing you could probably do to them.

2. Accept your fault
If the person has proven his point although his way of communication was hurtful, it is alright to accept defeat and to own up to your mistake. Social media is a free medium and you have the right to put down your thoughts, but hey! Nobody in this world is perfect. So accept your fault with a smile and lighten up the sportsmanship spirit.

3. Address them efficiently
Do not delete the comment or ignore the person because it will only push them further to trigger your emotions and get the reaction they wanted in the first place. Confidently address the commenter and stand up to what you said. If you believe in your idea or definition of something even if it is wrong, there is nothing bad in saying it out loud. Moreover, you would only learn a thing or two if you weren’t precise with the details!

4. Don’t be defensive
Any negative comment should not be taken personally especially on the Social medium as it could be a critical review and good critics is what everyone needs. Stand up to your opinion, accept your fault but do not defend yourself. You have no one to answer to except yourself, hence, it is useless to justify your opinions.

5. Ignore
When all else fails, ignore the comments which can be clearly seen as a try to hurt your sentiments or to trigger your negative reactions. Sometimes, it is better to ignore than to stoop down to their level and give them the satisfaction of getting into your mind and actually affecting it the way they wanted to.

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