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Blog March 22, 2018

How to create the perfect social media strategy

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Social media rules the marketing world these days. Thus, it is imperative for any brand to create a perfect social media strategy. However, a social media strategy for a brand is crafted in a different manner as compared to an individual who uses the social media. Therefore, one needs to keep in mind the following points while creating a strategy that works best for their brand. Make sure you ask yourself or your team the following questions to determine the best practice for your brand.

Figure out your ultimate goal

Before you create a social media strategy, it is important to create a list of goals. What do you really want from your social media? Is it to build a base of followers? Or is it to increase your sales through social media? These questions will help you determine your goals and craft the right strategy. But your goals must be realistic and you should be able to measure them with some metrics. This way you can check if you are on the right track after putting the strategy into action.

Mark your target audience

If you don’t decide on a target audience, you will really shoot arrows in the dark. Figure out who your target market is, find out when they are most active, what are their preferences, etc. As you learn more about your target market, you will be able to create content that will impact your audience.

Pre-existing social media marketing strategy

Are you building a social media strategy from a scratch or do you already have a social media strategy in place? If you have, then check how effective your strategy has been until now and change it accordingly. You might have found out that your audience reacts more to infographics as compared to text-only posts or they are more active during a particular time of the day.

Content types

 While a strategy is important, determining the type of content to use is crucial to ensure success. You might include more contests to increase audience participation or plan campaigns for your products ahead of time to reach your audience more effectively.

Decide on a budget

A good social media strategy will require time and money. So, think about your advertising budget and see how much you can spend on social media. You can boost your posts on Facebook, get sponsored reach via Instagram or use Twitter’s features for businesses. Social media influencer is a new trend and you should definitely do your research to see if it applies to your business.

Social media analytics

At the end of the day if you don’t have the results to show for your efforts, have you accomplished anything? You can use third-party software that collates all your analytics from different social media platforms in one place. You can also create a spreadsheet with individual metrics from your dominant social media platforms to have a measuring chart that works for you.

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