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Blog October 8, 2016

How is Social Media Content different?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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It is proclaimed that Content is the King and it is only with the help of content that the ideas and views are sent across the audience. Therefore content plays a very vital role in any kind of media whether it is social media or other traditional media such as the newspapers, TV and radio, however there is a vast number of differences in both kind of content.

Following are few of the differences which are highlighted in social media content vis-à-vis traditional media content:
1. Flow Of Communication- In case of social media content, for example Facebook, Twitter etc, it may be a two way or a multifold communication, however in case of traditional media; the communication is generally one way where the audience do not have the control to respond back immediately.
2. Open and More Transparent- The content is open to everybody that is not only the audience is able to view the principle post but also other people’s comments, however in case of traditional media only the principle comment or the post is available and the communication is rather one to one.
3. Less Possibility of Yellow Journalism- Sadly, there have been cases of yellow journalism in the recent past, which is more prominent with traditional media content. However in case of social media content, since it is so transparent, there is more clarity in communication and lesser chances of fabrication.
4. Audience Involvement- The main actors in case of social media content is the actual audience, whereas in case of traditional media, it is generally just the brand else who presents & plans the content.
5. Presentation Style- Social media content is much more unstructured which normally does not need to follow any set rules, regulations or a certain format, which gives space for creative play. However, traditional content is more structured and polished and presented a predefined style.
6. Direction of Content- In case of social media, the flow of content is generally bottom up where as in case of TV and radio it is mostly top down, that is idea flow from the main dialogue.
7. Cost- Social media content, most of the times, is freely available and can be read by anybody at any time. Also, Social media analytic tools also help keep the reach & impact in track. However, in case of other traditional content, they are mostly paid and are not always available at all times, therefore the reach may be restricted.
Though there might be a number of differences, still the basic purpose remains the same and it is this difference which makes one kind of content sell more than any other kind of content. Social media, in the recent past, has become very popular among masses and is growing at a very significant speed. Every day something or the other is being added to it in order to make it more attractive for the audience which in turn is helping both the brand as well as the audience!

What are your views on the USPs of Social Media Content? Share with us!

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