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Blog August 6, 2015

How is Facebook the Undisputed Leader in User Engagement ?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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It takes time and effort to reach to a level where Facebook has reached. In order to retain the consumers,  one needs to follow a mix of strategies which Facebook has clearly adopted. Following are few of the principles and strategies which Facebook has made use of in order to become an Undisputed Leader in User Engagement

1. People first– The success of Facebook, especially in the field of user engagement is quite a lot dependent on the people. Here people matter to both the ones who are working for Facebook and the people who use Facebook. Since Facebook is a people’s portal therefore the people behind the scenes that are the people who work so hard for Facebook to operate are not the most important factor. It’s people who build and run systems. The best tools for scaling are an engineering and operations teams that can handle anything.

2. Gauge Horizontally – Managing exponentially emergent traffic needs dispersing load randomly transversely across numerous machines. By making use of various databases,  content for likes, accounts and profiles increases substantially. This methodology hurts competence, but competence is a distinct effort from scaling, competence by itself doesn’t considerably influence scaling.

3. Act quickly  In order to be a leader in this fast evolving world of technology it is very important to be flexible with every changing environment. By moving fast according to the need, Facebook has tried various options in different scenario and has implemented which ever works best.

4. Implementation and correction – Making changes alone is not enough, one needs to measure the impact of these changes. Facebook has made sure that they make constant changes but they only take it to macro level after implementing on a smaller scale. New system can operate together with the old system and slowly integrate it to the system which responds the best. Facebook has been able to retain its user engagement by finding out very quickly where they were going wrong and rectifying it.

5. Measure any and everything – Facebook recruits mathematicians and statisticians who measure both the system and its application very closely by calculating the 95th or 99th percentile and by calculating various averages to get intrinsic data.

6. Control and Accountability – Control and responsibility goes hand in hand. If a team is given some responsibility to finish a task, then it is also their responsibility to control various parameters. For example a software engineer who writes the code needs to take full control of the same, as in if the code goes wrong, then he needs to conduct corrective measures and control it.

The above few principles are not new, however when put together may sound complex. Facebook as a multi-billion dollar company takes into account all the principle in order to become the Undisputed Leader in User Engagement.


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