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Blog October 16, 2014

How important is blogging today?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Blogging, commonly known as online journal, which started in late 1990’s has come a long way from its humble beginning of expressing thoughts to being more informative tool used by companies, businesses and professional to make their digital presence in the virtual world. A regular updated blogs not only creates visibility on the net but it also helps big businesses to bring in more clients and work and stand out in front the competitions presents on the World Wide Web. No doubt there are numerous advantages of blogging, some of them would be :

1  It brings in more exposure to the work you are doing. No matter you have small businesses or big company, blogging and digital presence brings in more customers, which means more business and money.

2  Blogging builds up a community with shared interests. It lets you closer to your target audience which likes to hear what you say and follow you and give you their direct feedback instantly.

3  Indirectly blogging helps you to create branding. You have full freedom on your blog domain to express yourself, therefore you have a chance to present yourself in a manner you wish to and create a brand for yourself.

4  Blogging is a form of creativity. We believe that a blogger is an artist and he/she has the ability to create art through the magic of words. Now these words could be mere information, but a good blogger always uses creativity to give readers that information in a way that satisfies their hunger for knowledge.

5  It’s a medium to communicate with your customer, solve their problems and also attract new customers to enhance your audience. Blogging is a form of personal communication where blogger can communicate with his/her readers one on one, which makes it a good medium to be closer to people.

6  Blogging used in a correct manner can be a powerful tool of marketing. In this era of social media, blogging is the newest and the prime area to market your skill, your work or your business.

7 Every blogger knows that content is no doubt a king, a powerful one. So, if your content is good, blogging would help improve your website’s SEO. This would in turn increase traffic on your website which is always a good thing.

8  Blogging helps you to put a meaningful social impact to an infinite reach at the web. It enables you to organize your content and information in a way that it is easier for visitors to read and gather information.

In this new era of micro blogging like Twitter and Facebook, people may feel that the relevance of blogging is diminishing, but for every business and professional who run their website would understand that blogging enhances the chances to being more visible, making blogging one of the essential parts of creating social impact on the Web.

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