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Blog November 2, 2016

Google AdWords 101- The basics of Google Adwords

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Internet is full of opportunities! Who on Earth thought that with the help of content and internet, one can build a continuous stream of income. Yes it’s true; there are various ways to generate leads & conversions on the internet. One of which is Google AdWords. By making use of Google AdWords, not only you can make your business popular among a wide audience but also can ensure a continuous stream of income or leads. Many do not use Google AdWords to its maximum capacity therefore are not able to reap complete benefit. Following are some of the basic concepts of Google AdWords:
Finding Out the Right Keyword
As we all know content is the king and it depends a lot on the Keyword. In order to make your business successful and reap full advantage of keywords, it is vital to find out the correct one. This can be done with the help of keyword planner and conducting a complete keyword analysis. A proper keyword would help drive the traffic in the right direction and therefore will help grow your business. With this, it can also help you in increasing your quality score and thus eventually lowering your bid rate.

How Much To Invest In PPC Campaign
It is very important to plan a PPC Campaign. In order to decide how much you would like to spend on one single click, it is advisable to estimate the capacity of the business and then see how much one would like to bid on a single click. There are two ways to select the click rate, one is the manual bid and second is the automatic bid. In case of a manual bid you can estimate the performance and leave it as variable, that is you change the bid accordingly and in case of automatic bid, you can leave it for Google to decide the bid rate. If you have enough time and are looking on the performance of your business, then it is best to go for manual bid otherwise automatic bid is a safe bet as well.

Keep Track of Conversion
Google AdSense clicks are only useful if they lead to actual conversions, therefore it is very important to keep a proper track of conversions. With the help of conversion, you can see an increase in the return on investment which can lead to further grow your business. There are various ways of keeping a track of the conversion rate, firstly with the help of Google Analytic Tools in which case you can make use of the enhanced Cost per click and secondly with the help of various other analytical tools which can also track organic searches.

Quality of Advertisement
In order to maximise conversions, it is important to write quality advertisement which have prominent keywords so that the reach increases and more and more people are able to appreciate the ad. Advertisements must be short and concise and should be able to convey the message clearly. Make sure to proof read the ad and make sure it is attractive and engaging.
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