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Blog June 10, 2017

Fundamentals of Digital Advertising Every Marketer Should Know

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Digital advertising and its effects are on a new time high. It has been seen that if digital marketing is done in the right manner, it can bring about a surge in traffic which ultimately leads to increase in sales and revenue. However in order to become a successful digital marketer one needs to realise that there are few rules of thumb which need to be practised regularly.

Following are few of the fundamentals of Digital Advertising that every marketer should know and practise regularly:

  1. Traffic Is Important, However Not All Traffic Effects In The Same Way:

It has been said over & over again that traffic is important, however little people realise that the quality of traffic is something which makes more sense. For example if you have a website which sells products to predominately a specified geographical area, then traffic from other areas would not be as beneficial as the traffic for local areas. Therefore it is very important to monitor the quality of traffic along with quantity of traffic.

  1. Quality Over Quantity Is Always Worthwhile:

Many digital advertising agencies tend to ignore analysing of data as they feel all data is relevant. To a certain extent it is quite true however when there happens to be data then huge quantity of data would result in misleading figures. Therefore researching & analysing of data plays a crucial role and no data should be treated at face value.

  1. Find Out If Ad Tech Is Worth It

Digital Marketing is a technical activity which requires expertise therefore it is important to hand over this activity to somebody who is well worth it. Many big organisations often outsource this activity to agencies that are aware of managing ad technologies. This might be very beneficial, however one needs to take into consideration the cost involved and make sure that this cost does not seep into the profits of the organisation.

  1. Understand Analytics and Weigh It Carefully

It is a wise practise to analysis figures however, one has to understand that all analytics tools are different some give more weightage to quantitative factors and others give weightage to qualitative factors which can sometimes not be compared on a common scale. This would then bring about discrepancies, in which case a common denominator has to be ascertained so that the figures can be compared on a common scale.

  1. Take into Consideration past Trends and Trust the Free Market Mechanism

Digital marketing tactics may differ from product to product and hence, there are different strategies which need to be taken into consideration. However in case of some products it is difficult to ascertain their behaviour, hence when in doubt always take into consideration the past trends and let the market tale a decision.

These were few of the indicators which are always useful for every digital marketer to ascertain the movement in the market trend. These would not only help you form future strategies but would also help you save time, money and resources.


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