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Blog September 3, 2014

Facebook as a Digital Marketing Tool

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One of the most potent tools in the hands of businessmen and marketers today is social media. In less than five years the field has grown tremendously and has almost become the bedrock of marketing and business development for a staggering variety of businesses. Along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler etc. there are numerous product search and service review sites that cater to niches and engage them with the right businesses.

Out of all these tools, Facebook stands out as a giant in terms of numbers, reach and ease of use. If you are a business owner or a traditional marketer just starting to learn the ropes of digital marketing, it is most likely that you would start experimenting with Facebook before you go on to other sites. The reasons are simple

Almost everybody is on Facebook

With more than a billion active users on Facebook you are most likely to find your target audience there without fail.

1 Targeted Marketing

Facebook allows you to filter out your audience on the basis of their age, sex and their likes. You can also choose different geographies to target your ad at. This gives you an advantage by reaching out to only those people who are most likely to buy out your service or engage with your brand.

2 Budget Control Measures

This is the most enticing part of Facebook Marketing for any marketer and provides a great edge over traditional marketing. The budget control measures are strict and you can literally start with as low as 5$ a day and see for yourself which ads are working for you and keep a tab on conversion ratio etc.

Pay per click or Pay per impressions

Facebook also gives you the freedom to choose between pay per impression or pay per click mode which you can use to your own advantage. You may want to use pay per click at an early stage of your digital marketing drive to be absolutely sure of your return on your investment while you may want to switch to pay per impression mode as you grow and you are sure that your ads would get clicked by themselves. In the latter case your cost per click may be substantially lower as you reach more people for the same amount than the former.

3 Ease of use

Last but not the least is the ease of using Facebook as a digital marketing tool. The initial steps are absolutely free. You can create a page for your brand and start promoting your products/services right away. Facebook also offers free analytic support which keeps a tab on your page’s engagement quotient on a daily, week by week and monthly basis.

Also technical support like keywords and SEO optimized content is not a pre-requisite for marketing on Facebook like Google Adwords. That means you will need professional help only at an intermediate stage.

Facebook has done wonders for start-ups and established businesses alike getting them their share of visibility and users. Its importance in the sphere of digital marketing shall continue to grow for some time.


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