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Blog April 19, 2018

Facebook Analytics: The Data goldmine you didn’t know you need.

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Facebook Analytics offers an opportunity for the brands to delve deeper and understand their audience; what they want and how they react to the existing content. If used correctly, this information can help the brands create better content and present it in a format preferred by their audience. The “Insights” tab on your Facebook page is where you will get all this information. The data you need can be downloaded in an excel sheet!

Overview section

The “Overview” section offers a snapshot of your page, which is great! This is one place where you get a general idea of how well your page is performing, how your audience is reacting, the number of recent likes, post reach, and other essential information. The data is usually for the previous seven days.


The total page likes in the “Likes” section is what the brands use to measure their growth month after month. They measure the actual likes and compare it with the unlikes. Remember, if you are using paid promotions, the “Likes” section will also reflect the effect of your FB ads on the number of likes. Another great feature in this section is the graph that shows when the page likes occurred. It also shows the source of likes such as mobile site, desktop site, via FB’s page suggestions algorithm and other sources.


As a brand, you must know that the content can be scheduled for future posts. This helps to plan your posts in advance. Now, in the “Posts” section, you will come across a graph that shows when your fans are online, and therefore, most active on your page. You can then see a post-by-post breakdown that shows the organic and paid reach, clicks on the post, and activity on the post.


If you wish to understand your audience better, then this data will be extremely helpful. Here, you will find a breakdown of your page’s audience by age, gender, nationality, language, and city. This essential information can be used to create holiday-specific and location-specific content.


“Reach” is perhaps the most crucial data brands can obtain from the Facebook Analytics. So what exactly can you find here? You can see how many people have seen your posts and whether organically or through paid promotions. You can also see the activities on the post including comments, likes, and shares. This is especially important to know how well your content is doing. Better the content, higher the engagement. With the new reaction emojis feature on Facebook posts, it is now possible to measure reactions as well.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the data you see on Facebook because that is kind of their job. Take some time in the beginning and understand the metrics most relevant to you. Download the data on a regular basis and collate this information to get a better understanding of our audience. The more you know them, the more you will be able to hold their attention.

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